About Rydal

Welcome to feel the unique atmosphere of the well-preserved Rydal, with spinning mills, textile machines and power plants still in operation.
Good food can be eaten at Rydals Manor and unique handicrafts can be found in Akleja's craft shop.
Beautiful natural surroundings by the river Viskan, where forests and lakes are just inside, provide the opportunity for wonderful nature experiences.
On the Viskan's journey to the sea, the old industrial towns lie like a string of pearls surrounded by farmland. Between Seglora and Kinna is the community of Rydal, established in 1853 when the spinning mill was founded.
Sven Erikson, a farmer and publisher, initiated the construction of the factory at the Viskan waterfall. For decades, Viskan has energised successful industries. Sweden's first hydroelectric power station was also built here and went into operation in 1882, producing electricity to light the spinning mill.
The current power station was built in 1916 and still generates energy and can be visited during the museum's summer tours or with a booked group.
If we come from the north, the landscape opens up and we are met by well-preserved older buildings on both sides of the road, such as a school, shop, labourers' quarters, manager's house and preschool. The houses were built during the heyday of Rydahls Manufaktur AB.
In the factory building today there is primarily a museum with both a permanent exhibition and temporary exhibitions. The museum started in 1985 and since then runs a multifaceted operation in close cooperation with associations, private individuals, business and other institutions. History is kept alive, among other things by running the old spinning machines. The museum also has a studio where creativity flows.
In the factory building there is also craft shop Akleja, International Weaving Center Sjuhärad, Mark's Sports History Museum and some smaller self-employed people.
In addition to a visit to the museum, you can go  a historic walk of 750 meters, which is marked with signs that tell about the history of the people and the buildings. There is an information folder and map available at the museum.
Next to the promenade is a boat harbour where it is sometimes possible to rent a boat, canoe or SUP, which can take you up the Viskan, along a dug canal to Stora Hålsjön.
If you have a motorhome, there are parking spaces for hire along the beautiful Viskan river. These are run by Rydals Båtklubb. There is also a sauna and a barbecue hut where you can grill sausages.
If we continue along the walk, you will come to Hundskoj which runs a flea market and has activities for dogs.
The old manager's house ”Rydals Herrgård” serves daily lunches and organises various events.
There are many pleasant walks in the nature around the community. There is a hiking trail around Mjögasjön near the manor house. The trail is about 8 km long.
There is also the Ekleden trail past Rydal, which is about 22 km long and perhaps best taken in stages.
The trail runs between Rydal, Seglora, Fritsla, Kinnahult and back to Rydal.
If you want to stay overnight and take part in the Swedish cultural heritage typical of the Sjuhäradsbygden area, you can choose to stay in the beautiful publishing houses Lydde Gård, Kinna Bed & Breakfast, or at one of the many Bed & Breakfasts or hostels in Mark. Find accommodation at.
 Welcome to Mark - Official visitor guide (vastsverige.com) 
There is a lot of history and knowledge preserved through the local community associations that protect the cultural heritage and nature of the area!
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Conny Assarsson